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There are times in life when our friends and loved ones can only help us so much, despite their best intentions.  At such times it makes sense to reach out for professional help.  Far from a sign of pathology, this is a sign of health as our human vitality reaches for its natural inclination toward survival and thriving.  


Research shows us that the most important factor in therapy is the relationship between client and therapist.  Our first task in therapy is to build a rapport and ensure that we are a good fit for effective therapeutic work to occur.  Having a safe space to be seen and heard is a natural and universal human need.  I like to work collaboratively to create this for you first and foremost. 


I use the latest research in affective neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory (the science of how mammals bond), and somatic (body-based) psychotherapy.  In addition to talk therapy, I can provide arts activities unique to your needs to deepen your therapeutic experience in a way that talk alone does not.


For more about my background and how I work, click here.

No one can bring out the best in us and provoke the worst in us more than those closest to us.  With such intimate relationships can come great conflict.


We are biologically wired for relationships.  In fact, our nervous system registers relational conflict as physical pain.  It is a fallacy to think we are to make it alone in the world.  Taking the time to address your relationship is in itself a huge step.  Wounding and healing both happen in relationships, and so our greatest potential as people can be achieved through interpersonal relationships with those very people who often hurt or trigger us the most.  So there is great hope in the struggles you are experiencing.

I am a certified Emotionally Focused (EFT) Therapist.  EFT is a heavily researched modality and currently the gold standard for relationship therapy.  Using EFT, we will look at the patterns of interaction you and your loved one(s) get stuck in and learn to create something new.  Using the latest research in attachment theory (the science of how mammals bond), interpersonal neurobiology and affective neuroscience, we work experientially in our sessions to help you feel and understand what happens in you and in your relationship when you and your loved one(s) aren't getting along.  This is less about teaching skills and techniques (though you will develop those) and more about helping you have a new experience in the room so that you can do something different outside of our sessions.  For more about EFT, click here.

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