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Red Poppy

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Family and Couples Therapy


No one can bring out the best in us and provoke the worst in us more than those closest to us.  With such intimate relationships can come great conflict.


Contrary to the culture of individualism in the West, we are biologically wired for relationships.  In fact, our nervous system registers relational conflict as physical pain.  It is a fallacy to think we are to make it alone in the world.  With the great emphasis on taking individual responsibility (a great step in our evolution in its own right), it is no wonder many of us struggle to maintain healthy relationships.


Taking the time to address your relationship is in itself a huge step.  Wounding and healing both happen in relationships, and so our greatest potential as people can be achieved through interpersonal relationships with those very people who often hurt or trigger us the most.  Therefore, there is great hope in the struggles you are experiencing.


When working with couples and families, I begin by creating an agreement to pause the strategies not serving you long enough to be able to truly reflect on what is happening.  This allows you to make choices about the dynamics you want to create in the future.  Family and couples therapy is a powerful way to also uncover individual challenges that can then be taken to individual therapy.  If this occurs, I can help you find the appropriate individual therapist so that my commitment can continue to be focused on the family unit.

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