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Upcoming Groups


Groups can be an effective and fun way to self-reflect, explore our patterns, and connect with others.  

Expressive Arts Therapy Group for Women

Mondays, 6 - 8 pm

January 12 - March 9 (No meeting February 2)

Cost: $300 for 8-session series (arts matierals included) 


An ongoing group to explore our identities as women and address our unique concerns.  No arts experience necessary!

In this group we will use the arts to spark our creativity and create a safe space to explore our patterns, relationships and life experiences.  We will examine myths and social norms around womanhood and experiment with new roles and the breaking of social norms.  Using the arts to connect us to our intuition, we will guide you to discover what changes you want to make and how.  Together we will take steps toward your vision for your future.


This group will be tailored to the needs of the participants.  Please take advantage of the free 20-minute phone consultation in order to maximize the benefit you will receive from joining this group.  


Call for a free 20-minute phone consultation (415) 890-6058

Belly Love: Belly Dance Therapy Group for Teens

Saturdays, 10 am - 12 pm

February 21 - April 18, 2015 (No meeting March 21)

Cost: $375 for 8-session series (arts materials included)


A place for teens to...

- Learn belly dance fundamentals

- Express their creative selves

- Build a community where they can listen and be heard

- Boost confidence and self-esteem

- Improve body awareness & posture

- Develop healthy habits and relational habits as they move into adulthood


This is a safe place for teens to explore dance/movement and art without preoccupations with perfection, image, and performance.  We will explore the messages received about beauty and image from the media/society and begin to explore our natural body function and expression from the inside out.  We will use belly dance and other arts as a vehicle for self-exploration, growth and increased vitality.


Sign up now!  (Click here)

Seeking Home: An Expressive Arts Therapy Group for Iranian Women

Mondays, 6 - 8 pm

March 29 - May 11, 2015

Cost: $300 for 8-session series (arts materials included)


As Iranian women our immigration stories and life experiences are unique. In this workshop we will use

the arts to create a safe space to explore our identities. We will work to reclaim what has

been lost and honor that which has been salvaged throughout the generations. 

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