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Child and Adolescent Therapy


Working with children and adolescents is a pleasure for me because it is a chance to practice early intervention.  A positive therapy experience at this age can have an impact throughout a lifetime.  Play, creativity, and emotional expression are necessary for children to metabolize life experiences.


I use a mix of non-directive play therapy and Expressive Arts and Drama Therapy activities, as appropriate, with children and adolescents.  Each session is tailored to the child or adolescent's personality, strengths, and challenges.  This a a chance for the child or adolescent to have a space to express what they need with the promise of confidentiality, except in cases of abuse or neglect of a minor, elder, or otherwise dependent individual.  The creation of this safe space becomes the key to getting to the root of whatever the child or adolescent is struggling with.


When working with children and adolescents, I maintain consistent communication with parents/guardians.  Often times this takes the form of phone check-ins or face-to-face sessions at least once a month.  Sometimes material emerges that the child/adolescent would like me to maintain confidential.  When this material is key to healing, and does not breach mandatory reporting laws, I work with the child/adolescent and family to create a culture within the family system where these issues can be expressed and addressed in a free and healing way.  It is key that each person in the family feel comfortable to be themselves while at the same time preserving the family unit.

Please contact me for current rates.

I do not currently accept insurance, but can provide a statement for you to submit to your insurance

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